DAA's 2014 Year in Review: Momentum, Engagement & Presence

January 12, 2015

As Advertising Week 2014 drew to a close this past September, there was one remark I heard that I found to be particularly impactful, and true to its core. During one of the sessions, a U.S.-based digital marketing executive spoke of self-regulation as the “gold standard” on how to grow a realm of responsible multi-screen data collection and use for interest-based advertising. He was referring to the Digital Advertising Alliance.

What DAA’s self-regulation program has achieved to date is extraordinary – certainly unprecedented in the advertising discipline overall – and perhaps a new model for cooperation, coordination, participation and partnership in business self-regulation, both domestically and globally. As I look back on 2014, it was a year of momentum and engagement with so many of our stakeholders – proving the value of meaningful self-regulation for all of the DAA Participants whose current and future success is tied to bringing relevancy to consumers on “desktop,” mobile web or in-apps.

In 2015, DAA continues to evolve to meet the demands of the multi-screen market and to help marketing organizations build trust by enabling a consistent consumer experience each of the 1 trillion times per month the DAA icon is served globally. In just a couple of weeks, for example, we’ll be launching our first consumer-facing app – AppChoices – and we encourage your participation there to help give app users transparency and choice regarding in-app advertisements based on cross-app data collection (send inquiries to contact@aboutads.info). We will also be launching a Mobile Browser Choice Tool as a mobile version of our existing Consumer Choice Page.

In this brief summary, our year-end summary shows how consumers, brands, and the responsible data collection community -- the entirety of the advertising ecosystem -- are all benefitting from the self-regulatory platform DAA has built. We believe that our achievements and the multi-screen evolution we have planned for 2015 reflect the “gold standard” moniker. But, more importantly, we hope that our work with the marketplace, regulators, media, and other stakeholders continues to support the responsible data collection and use practices from computers and devices which make all DAA participating businesses and the ad-funded Internet grow.

Thank you for your continued support of the DAA’s mission.

Lou Mastria
Executive Director
Digital Advertising Alliance

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Evolution: 2015 & Beyond

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