From Desktop to Multi-Screen: Self-Regulation Keeps Pace

When we announced our Mobile Guidance in 2013, one of our key messages was (and still is) that whichever the screen the consumer is using, DAA Principles apply. Mobile users expect the same privacy protocols they have come to demand on their “desktops.”

On the industry side, the advertising discipline’s investments in mobile advertising, applications, marketing and commerce are matched by marketers’ initiatives to help multi-screen consumers interact with brands whether on desktop, mobile Web, smartphones or tablets.

DAA is evolving to keep pace with these and other investments (such as video advertising).

During 2014, we announced Creative Ad Specifications for using the DAA Icon in mobile platforms, and we’ve empaneled a new industry working group to create similar specifications for online video.

Shortly, in 2015, we will launch two additional consumer choice tools – a mobile-optimized Consumer Choice Page similar to our desktop version of the Consumer Choice Page (our Mobile Choice Browser Tool), offering the same functionality, and our first mobile application, AppChoices, which will enable consumers to opt out of data collection for relevant ads and other DAA applicable purposes as they move across mobile applications. (See next item in Year in Review.) These will offer the same, reliable, scalable experience consumers have come to know and regulators have come to expect from the DAA self-regulatory program and its Participants.

Once these choice tools are rolled out in early 2015, DAA will move from the “industry education” phase of its Mobile Guidance to enact a compliance date for enforcement by the Direct Marketing Association and Council of Better Business Bureaus, most likely in mid-2015.

As screens change, and as technologies for data collection for digital marketing purposes change, DAA is evolving to keep pace.

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