Evolution: 2015 & Beyond

There is much to be proud of – and much difficult and exciting work ahead, too.

There is much to anticipate in 2015. DAA is evolving.

The successful launch of AppChoices (to participate in AppChoices, contact us at contact@aboutads.info), the enforcement of our Mobile Guidance, keeping pace with compliance with cookie-less technologies, DAA Icon placement in video, continued vigilance through our association founders on the Hill… we will certainly have much to talk about with our Participants, and as we introduce ourselves to new and existing industry players.

The dynamics are ever-changing, but our support for privacy controls without sacrificing innovation and competition is steadfast. The marketplace needs the enhanced transparency, consumer control, and the rest of the DAA Principles as a meaningful self-regulatory response to the questions associated with multi-screen data collection and use. It’s a message that more and more of our stakeholders are hearing – and embracing.

Thank you to all our Participants who make these efforts credible and successful. Innovation is a hallmark of the advertising and marketing discipline, and effective privacy self-regulation helps to preserve balance and flexibility as technologies and consumer attitudes and behavior move in flux.

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