2016: A Good Outlook for Responsible Data Collection & Consumer Engagement

March 9, 2016

Data is indeed dynamic.  Innovations in ad tech and changes in consumer behavior continue apace – based on all the reports we’re seeing.  All the while, one truth appears to remain:  brands and publishers continue to invest in interest-based, data-driven advertising and marketing as part of a toolset to engage consumers with relevance and convenience.

The Digital Advertising Alliance Principles and program supports such trends – because without responsible data collection, “smarter,” more relevant advertising content simply could not be achieved at the magnitude that is happening today.  The DAA empowers valuable content and ad creation by offering a suite of tools (Consumer Choice Page for Desktop & Mobile, AppChoices and AppChoices en Español) which connect marketers and consumers wherever they meet today. These tools, and the ubiquitous YourAdChoices Icon, enable consumers to learn about responsible data collection and use practices as well as empowering them with easy-to-use, widely deployed choice tools. These are all ways in which we show respect for the consumer while increasing competition, enhancing the ad-funded Internet and supporting economic growth.

Consider the recently announced Value of Data study, and a recent “Media Outlook” Webinar – both from the Direct Marketing Assocation  (a DAA founding association, free registration for Webinar access):

From the Value of Data Study – macroeconomics:

  • The U.S. Data-Driven Marketing Economy (DDME) in 2014 accounted for nearly 1 million jobs and more than $200 billion in economic contribution.  Many of these jobs are high-value STEM employment. 
  • Consumers respond – and the dividends accrue: The DDME saw a 49-percent increase in jobs and 35-percent growth in revenue between 2012 and 2014.  That’s 35-percent growth directly attributable to ensuring consumers receive marketing information they need and desire.

From the Media Outlook Webinar – microeconomics:

  • Business deal valuations hold up when they involve data, and data technology;
  • For data leaders, “data governance, compliance and agility” are emerging as key differentiators;
  • Consumers increasingly see more relevant ad content:  Programmatic buying continues to take a larger share of online display ad – from 57.8 percent in 2015 to a forecast 74.0 percent in 2017;
  • Video is exploding: streaming, social and programmatic exchanges supporting audience selection are evolving here just as they did for online display; and,
  • Consumers are on the go – and increasingly rely on their portable devices. In tandem, mobile ad spending continues to rise:  apps for entertainment, commerce, information and social now have reached 50 percent of global traffic.

Our recent Webinar (with Approved Provider TrustArc, one of two companies – the other being Evidon -- that help provide turn-key solutions for DAA participants) documented several recent DAA initiatives seeking to keep pace with online user behavior:

We have an exciting 2016 year ahead – with more developments to come.  Next up, we’ll be taking the responsible data collection message to Washington, DC, at next week’s “Dynamic State of Data” event, hosted by the Direct Marketing Association.

Responsible data collection for consumer engagement requires continued support and stewardship of all consumer and business brands – and an effective, efficient self-regulatory regime that enables this all to happen.

Working with the thousands of brands participating with the DAA ensures that widespread self-regulation continues to provide transparency and control to consumers while helping to support the ad-funded Internet.

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