Poll: Consumers Tell Us They Want Privacy Tools That Look and Feel the Same on Any Screen

October 23, 2014

With Zogby Analytics’ newest consumer polling, we’ve tapped consumer opinions about their use of mobile, and their attitudes toward data collection and interest-based advertising – and we’re seeing not only gratifying results overall, including a preference for relevant advertising on mobile screens specifically.

This shouldn’t be too surprising: last year consumers said much the same for their general online experience.

In our latest commissioned poll, nearly 6 in 10 U.S. adult respondents said they would feel more favorably toward companies and brands that provided ubiquitous, real-time choice regarding their advertising practices symbolized by our now ubiquitous icon.

Source:  Zogby Interactive Survey of 1,015 US Adults – 10/03/14 – 10/05/14 Margin of Error ±3.1 Percentage Points.

Our goal at Digital Advertising Alliance is to build tools that enable a reliable, consistent consumer experience – on desktops, tablets and smartphones – for enhanced notice and control for relevant ads and the data collection that enables them.  To date, 35 million Net users have visited our Web properties, many of them fueled by the more than 1 trillion DAA Advertising Option Icons that are served globally each month.

And as we prepare for the launch of AppChoices, a mobile app that enables consumer notice and choice for data collection in the cross-app environment, as well as a Mobile-Optimized Consumer Choice Page later this year, we’re finding innovative ways for self-regulation to meet consumer expectation on all the devices they use…. Yes, in a world of devices, we seek to provide one consistent consumer privacy experience – and consumer sentiments appear to affirm what we’re doing.

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