The Consumer Education Principle | Relevance & Control on Desktop & Mobile

April 4, 2016

This past month, the Digital Advertising Alliance undertook a fresh initiative to connect with online and mobile consumers about responsible data collection for advertising purposes, the benefits of relevance, and how they can control their interest-based advertising experiences.  With industry support, this consumer education push will run throughout 2016.

As part of this effort, DAA:

  • Re-launched our consumer site, – which is now also mobile-optimized;
  • Crafted new creative mobile and digital display ads to let consumers know “YourAdChoices Gives You Control” – a still from which is featured here;

  • Received donated impression inventory from an initial “Who’s Who” list of companies in support of this education effort – AOL, AppNexus, Criteo, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and RocketFuel – throughout 2016.We expect more companies to join this effort over the coming months.

We are grateful to all companies that can help support DAA’s Consumer Education Principle so fervently, by donating impressions to support DAA – and the information, control and accountability mechanisms behind it.  The mobile ads, in particular, will help us educate consumers about the new mobile tools that DAA has rolled out in the past year, including the Consumer Choice Page for Mobile and the AppChoices app.

Transparency and control matter.  More than 1 trillion times per month, our Icon continues to be globally served.  To increase recognition of the Icon and the DAA program behind it, we believe, serves to bolster trust in the ad ecosystem where brands, agencies, publishers, ad tech, marketers and advertisers of all stripes (many of whom are listed here) engage responsibly with consumers. 

We invite brands, publishers, agencies and ad networks to participate. Donated inventory -- and we have a variety of display formats available -- helps our industry, and each donor, meet obligations inherent in the DAA Consumer Education Principle. To inquire or to arrange a donation, please contact DAA here.

Let me extend a strong “thank you” to the brands and companies that have helped launch this effort, and another thanks in advance to those who are stepping forward to join them.

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