DAA Webinar this Week: How to Take Ad Transparency to the Next Level and Earn Consumer Trust

April 2, 2018

If you are involved with managing a site or running an app where interest-based advertising (IBA) is present – or where any data collection for IBA takes place – the DAA’s webinar this Thursday (April 5, 2018) is designed for you, especially.

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Our April 5 Webinar is for brands and publishers – both business-to-business and consumer – as well as agencies and ad tech companies with their own apps and sites, or which design and support the sites and apps of others.

With the success of “digitally native vertical brands,” and the updating of sites and apps to improve user experiences, website and app owners are increasingly incorporating data gathering into their web and mobile strategies. Technologies such as software development kits (SDKs), cookies and other similar tools continue to be used to better engage consumers. But even as the nimble world of digital marketing embraces new trends, brands need to make sure that their advertising practices are in step with their privacy responsibilities. Innovative techniques should be coupled with adherence to the industry-standard Digital Advertising Alliance Principles, which establish enhanced transparency (outside of the privacy policy) and consumer control for IBA. Under these standards, site and app publishers must be certain that any integration of browsing and app usage data on their platforms is transparent to consumers, even if no ads appear.

This means deploying compliant Enhanced Notice on all apps and websites where IBA data is collected or used. Enhanced Notice connects consumers with a full disclosure of IBA activity and links to easy-to-use, easy-to-understand choice tools (such as DAA’s WebChoices and AppChoices).

Adoption of and adherence to the DAA Principles are critical first steps to building and bolstering consumer trust. The Principles ensure that consumers are given real-time Enhanced Notice about IBA practices that would otherwise be invisible to them. Putting the Principles into practice empowers consumers to express their preferences about the collection of cross-site, cross-device, and cross-app data and thereby earns their trust.

To learn more about the specific notice and control requirements of the DAA Principles and the YourAdChoices Program, as well as your responsibilities as a website or app owner, please join us for our webinar. On April 5, 2018 (11:30 am PT/2:30 pm ET), DAA will host a webinar open to all: “The Transparency & Control Imperative of Site & App Owners,” featuring DAA counsel and one of our two independent accountability partners, the Council of Better Business Bureaus Advertising Self-Regulatory Council. I hope you can join us.

As innovation and ad-funded content marches on, consumer trust must be earned, maintained and fostered. Since 2010, the DAA Principles, backed by independent enforcement and coupled with the success of the YourAdChoices Icon , have provided a path for brands, publishers and the entire IBA ecosystem—keeping pace with consumers as they engage from desktop to mobile, from video to cross-device.

Consumers love relevance, and brands want to take their message directly to consumers. But the IBA advertising ecosystem – brands, publishers, agencies and ad tech -- should never take trust for granted. The opportunities ahead depend on trust.

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