DAA Thought Leader Interview | Kathryn Farrara of Unilever

August 17, 2015

Kathryn Farrara

Kathryn Farrara, Unilever, spoke at DAA Summit 2015 and provides here additional thoughts on the company’s participation in the DAA Program. She is a senior marketing counsel at Unilever, a multinational consumer packaged goods company.

The DAA Thought Leadership Series features top leaders discussing current and emerging trends in interest-based advertising derived from responsible data collection online. Changing consumer habits, expectations and evolving technology continue to shape the world of digital advertising. The Thought Leader Series discusses the ethical questions that arise with the changing technology that encompasses digital advertising. In this series we sit down with experts in the industry to discuss the DAA program, consumer privacy and security, and insights around transparency and choice with the consumer.

In this session, we talk with Kathryn Farrara, senior counsel of marketing at Unilever, about the DAA Principles and the importance of remaining transparent while collecting consumer data.

“The true focus is how to ensure that we are meeting the consumers’ needs and getting them information that they need no matter where they are in that process, and that’s called Omni-channel.”
 – Kathryn Farrara, Unilever

Watch her discuss the following topics in the interview:

  • On understanding the consumer’s path to purchase
  • On the importance of the DAA program within this context
  • On the importance of interest-based advertising
  • On the importance of responsible data collection in understanding consumer behavior

“The DAA has really served as a great resource for us because we have that language and structure provided for us, that give consistency, it’s something that consumers learn, know, and understand, they recognize it. To have that framework in place is helpful, it’s a great resource because now it gives you a jumping off point for understanding how to implement that sort of thinking in other parts of your business.”
– Kathryn Farrara, Unilever

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