Our First Annual Summit… in Tweets, Part IV: Accountability, Consumer Choice Technology & Going Global Coverage

June 9, 2013

The Digital Advertising Alliance held its first-ever Summit for DAA participants on June 5 in Washington, DC – sponsored by TRUSTe.

This is a fourth and final post from the day’s events -- a “quick read” on goings-on at the conference, taken from a  #DAASummit Twitter feed from our @daausa handle.

For a full summary of all Twitter participants who posted during the event (there were more than 200 posted), visit https://twitter.com/DAAUSA.

Selected presentations for the event will be posted on this blog next week.


A fireside chat between “enforcers & enforcees” led by CBBB’s Genie Barton & DMA’s Jerry Cerasale | #DAASummit – a break from PPTs!

2 different approaches to @DAAusa #enforcement between DMA & CBBB, and they are cooperative & complimentary | #DAASummit

Remarkable that 100% #DAA Principles compliance has been achieved, even with businesses not affiliated with DAA | #DAASummit

CBBB’s monitoring & #enforcement for #DAA relies on @Evidon @Ghostery which tracks targeted ad data flows | #DAASummit

DAA #enforcement pertains to everyone – not just DAA participants, and CBBB & DMA do look at both | #DAASummit

Non-compliance & non-cooperation w/ #DAA Principles #enforcement will result in negative publicity & names being announced | #DAASummit

Scott Meyer @Evidon discusses acquisition of MobileScope, speeding up #mobile privacy services development inside @Ghostery | #DAASummit

DMA: another complaint area re: Net ads that pertain to “pop-ups” that block content & interfere w/ consumer experience | #DAASummit

CBBB: Enhanced notice & choice means linking consumer to part of privacy policy about 3rd-party cookies & direct opt-out link | #DAASummit

DMA & CBBB: Bad actors drive FTC regulation, so report bad actors confidentially to us so we can stop them promptly! #DAASummit


CEO Omar Tawakol @BlueKai says fragmentation of media, browsers, screens among consumers mean #self-regs must keep up | #DAASummit

Fragmentation is inevitable & “game of thrones” is underway over addressability – browsers, carriers, devices & exchanges | @BlueKai #DAASummit

Time to create better opt-outs so choice of mechanism works everywhere, says @otawakol @BlueKai – Statistical ID can deliver | #DAASummit


@4As Peter Kosmala talks about adoption of #DAA Principles, locally interpreted, in Europe, Canada & Beyond, joined by world panel | #DAASummit

Fluency: Y!’s Justin Weiss @Moshun2 gives region-by-region overview of laws, regs & studies re: #interest-based ads | #DAASummit

Europe says there is individual value in privacy that must be protected, self-regs part of an “ecology of solutions” | @Moshun2 #DAASummit

At #DAASummit: @inaftanaila of @IABEurope states EDAA #self-regs went from startup to multi-nation, multi-language program in just 2 years

Europe: 2 differences in #DAA program, obligations differ for website operators & third-party compliance certification required | #DAASummit

Europe & #DAA Principles: 24 languages, 29 countries for consumer site, www.youronlinechoices.eu – reports @inaftanaila | #DAASummit

Europe: Compliance & #enforcement will fall to European Advertising Standards Association network | #DAASummit @inaftanaila

Breaking News: Consumer campaign to start next week in UK, Germany & Ireland to educate about the Advertising Option icon | #DAASummit

The road to self-regulation for interest-based ads in Canada started in 2009, says Wally Hiill of @CdnMarketing | #DAASummit

“Thin Border” digitally between US & Canada – adapt the USA’s youradchoices.com brand: youradchoices.ca (coming soon) | #DAASummit

Ad Standards Canada will enforce #DAA Principles in Canada – Wally Hill hopes for June 2013 soft launch of DAAC #self-reg program | #DAASummit


DAA’s @lmastria - Self-regulation works, economic empowerment is happening:  amazing innovations, real people with jobs | #DAASummit

Thank you #DAASummit speakers, @TRUSTe as sponsor – and 100+ participants | Targeted ads are critical engines to the economy! @lmastria

We’ll look for you at our next Digital Advertising Alliance Summit – watch for an announcement!

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