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Slider Zogby Poll

Zogby Poll Info from Digital Advertising Alliance

This record conveniently contains the slider image for the Home page.

The name of the file doesn't matter. The title of this content record doesn't matter.

It is very important to check the box for "Promoted to front page"!  At the bottom of this page, click on the tab called "Publishing Options".  Make sure the box is checked for "Promoted to front page".  Otherwise your new image will not appear in the slideshow.

It is optional to set the "Link URL" field.  Scroll down a bit to see the "Link URL" field on this page.  You may set it to a fully qualified HTTP or HTTPS address.  Or you may set it to a sub-page within this website.  For a sub-page, you can open another browser window and go the the page you want, such as a blog post or press release page.  Copy the URL from your target page.  Back on this page, paste the URL into the "Link URL" field.  Delete the beginning part of the URL, leaving only the part after the domain name.  The "Link URL" field will start with a slash and everything following the slash.  Examples for the "Link URL" field to link to sub-pages within this site:



After you check the box for "Promoted to front page" and save this record, your new image should automatically be incorporated into the Home page slider.  You may have to refresh your browser window to see the new image. The image is automatically resized for different screen widths.

Recommended dimensions for the image are 940px x 288px.

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