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December 19, 2018

Encouraging Data-Driven Policymaking: New Survey Results Reveal Consumer Priorities & Pragmatism

In digital advertising, good data helps drive good decisions. As Congress begins to consider the shape of privacy legislation, we thought it might be useful for the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) to gather some additional data by asking consumers to share their policy priorities (and potential pitfalls) for any federal privacy legislation that may affect responsible data collection and interest-based advertising (IBA).

To do so, we conducted a survey of 1,000 American adults in November via SurveyMonkey on a range of privacy and data topics. The feedback we received from consumers through that survey was compelling in its pragmatism, and we hope their responses help to inform some of the dialogue around this important topic.

Among the top takeaways from the survey, consumers overwhelmingly want Congress to protect the existing ad-supported funding model for free content and services online, with 81 percent saying it is very or somewhat important for any federal privacy legislation to do so. Consumers also strongly believe any forthcoming legislation also should encourage continued innovation by Internet companies, with 78 percent calling it very or somewhat important.

Source: DAA-Commissioned Survey of 1.059 U.S. Internet Adults, Administered by SurveyMonkey, November 2018.

That is not to...

December 18, 2018

DAA Principles Accountability Update: DMA Releases Annual Ethics Report with Focus on Interest-based Advertising

This summer, one of our two independent Accountability Partners, the Data & Marketing Association, was acquired by another founding association of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). Now, DMA is known as a division of ANA, with the DMA acronym representing “Data Marketing & Analytics.” [Our other Accountability Partner is the Council of Better Business Bureau’s Advertising Self-Regulatory Council (ASRC).]

Importantly, ANA continued DMA’s accountability role of the DAA program. In fact, DMA recently released its first annual ethics report as a division of ANA. The full independently investigated and adjudicated report may be downloaded here [pdf document...

November 16, 2018

DAA, Interest-Based Advertising Cited in Federal Trade Commission Filing with National Telecommunications & Information Administration

A recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filing to the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) cited both the Digital Advertising Alliance’s research and demonstrated reasonableness of interest-based advertising (the filing uses the term online behavioral advertising, or OBA) in its comments to the NTIA.

[See bold italics in the following excerpts (bold italics inserted for emphasis.)]

DAA & OBA References:

DAA Survey:

In a section of the FTC’s comments about consumer control, they point to DAA research showing that 92 percent of consumers agreed that free content is important to the value of the Internet. This is validation of both the value exchange argument we make, as well as validation of the graduated privacy permission approach that DAA's Principles embody. The FTC concludes in its comment that that often-discussed opt-in mandates for digital advertising threatens ad funding of this valued content.

"The FTC has long encouraged a balanced approach to control. Giving consumers the ability...

October 22, 2018

En Español, Because Language Matters for Privacy in U.S. Markets

Since the launch of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Principles nine years ago, the primary focus of the Principles and their interpretation has been the consumer. Our endeavor to extend to her meaningful privacy protections where interest-based advertising (IBA) occurs has been remarkably successful.

The YourAdChoices icon is globally served more than 1 trillion times per month – that’s truly transparency and consumer control at Internet scale.

That’s also transparency and consumer control at mobile scale – where the icon appears on IBA in mobile apps, based on cross-app data collection.

Knowing the importance of mobile devices to native Spanish speakers in the United States, in 2015 we ...

September 26, 2018

Summit Snapshot ‘18: What Does GDPR Mean for the Global Advertising Ecosystem?

“What are other jurisdictions doing in the realm of regulation, co-regulation, and self-regulation?” Shannon Yavorsky, partner at Venable LLP, posed the question to the panelists of “Reality Check: Does GDPR Make the Entire World Go Round?” during the Digital Advertising Alliance Summit18 - ADapt! The panel addressed the future of data-driven marketing in the wake of the European Union’s newly enforced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Julie Ford, executive director of the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC), described Canada’s federal privacy regulator as taking a more “proactive approach now instead of reactive.”


According to Ford, Canada is actively seeking an enforcement action against “egregious” list and data practice violations while releasing guidance documents regarding data practices and what constitutes meaningful consent. The nation also will implement...


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