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September 26, 2018

Summit Snapshot ‘18: What Does GDPR Mean for the Global Advertising Ecosystem?

“What are other jurisdictions doing in the realm of regulation, co-regulation, and self-regulation?” Shannon Yavorsky, partner at Venable LLP, posed the question to the panelists of “Reality Check: Does GDPR Make the Entire World Go Round?” during the Digital Advertising Alliance Summit18 - ADapt! The panel addressed the future of data-driven marketing in the wake of the European Union’s newly enforced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Julie Ford, executive director of the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC), described Canada’s federal privacy regulator as taking a more “proactive approach now instead of reactive.”


According to Ford, Canada is actively seeking an enforcement action against “egregious” list and data practice violations while releasing guidance documents regarding data practices and what constitutes meaningful consent. The nation also will implement...

September 4, 2018

Transparency in Digital Political Advertising | Rising to the Top

Just last month, Google announced a weekly archive of U.S. political ads on its platform, reported here. Earlier this spring, Twitter shared its own policy on political ads in a blog post, and Facebook also shared recent developments, reported here.

The broader digital ecosystem is taking action as well, focused on the DAA’s announcement earlier this summer of an industry-wide initiative to increase transparency and accountability around digital political ads. The DAA’s new guidance for political advertisers will feature a “Political Ad” icon that will link to additional information on such ads.

Building on the success of the DAA’s existing YourAdChoices program, the DAA’s new “Political Ad” icon will serve as an immediate, simple, and intuitive tool for people to get information on the political...

August 28, 2018

DAA Accountability Partners Click Play on Mobile Video Ad Transparency

The investigation (and subsequent decision) was initiated after a routine monitoring process that included an analysis of application network traffic.  The Council of Better Business Bureau's (CBBB) Advertising Self-Regulatory Council (ASRC) reported that, through testing, the SDK [software development kit] in question failed to provide enhanced notice and control as described in the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Principles. Additionally, the ASRC stated that the SDK lacked in the specificity necessary to obtain consent from consumers for the collection and use of precise location data as well as lacking instructions on how to withdraw consent. These are important privacy controls of the DAA Principles and specifically, the Application of Self-Regulatory Principles to the Mobile Environment.

Through the compliance process, Vdopia, Inc.'s Chocolate, a mobile video ad exchange and mobile SDK mediation platform, updated its data privacy practices to ensure consumers are provided with enhanced transparency and control when video ads tailored to their interests are served through mobile apps. Chocolate also fully embraced the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Principles for interest-based advertising (IBA) and made revisions to its privacy disclosures, opt-out mechanisms, and contracts with third parties.

August 17, 2018

Summit Snapshot ‘18: Using Data for Social Good – and Really Terrific Stories

Marla Kaplowitz, president and chief executive officer, 4A’s, hosted a Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Summit18 – ADapt! panel that explored these altruistic themes – with compelling content that truly demonstrates the depth and breadth of how data, advertising and social channels can be leveraged to make a world of difference, daily.

Photo:  4As President and Chief Executive Officer Marla Kaplowitz talks on advertising for social good at DAA Summit18 – ADapt! in Sonoma, CA.

Make Aware, Document, Intervene and Support

“Some of the remit … was to put a little soul into the marketing, but we do that by driving...

August 7, 2018

Summit Snapshot ‘18: The Evolution of Brand Safety Issues & Solutions

Over the years, many facets of brand safety have been in the spotlight -- adjacency, privacy, fraud, security, viewability and ad placement, among them. Interest-based advertising, for example, wholly relies on responsible data collection to target and establish connections between sellers and consumers and bolster consumer trust. Thus, such data collection, and the transparency and choice connected to it by way of Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Principles adherence, must be part of a brand’s brand safety strategy.


This year’s DAA Summit18 - ADapt! included a panel discussion that focused on the development of brand safety issues within the digital space -- and how businesses might manage these issues -- in the panel, “More Than a Mantra -- Brand Safety and the Digital Ad Supply Chain.”


Dick O’Brien, moderator of the panel and executive vice president of government relations at 4A’s,...


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