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May 15, 2012

DAA Program Hits New Growth Milestones, with Five Million Visitors to YourAdChoices.com Education Site and More Than 400 Companies Now Active in the Program

The scope of progress and accomplishments to date by the Digital Advertising Alliance’s self-regulatory program have been praised by the White House, Commerce Department, and the Federal Trade Commission.

And the DAA isn’t resting on its laurels: we continue to work across industry to expand our engagement with millions of consumers and the breadth of participation by companies in our program. We wanted to share some of the latest progress.

DAA Education Takes Off

In January the Digital Advertising Alliance launched a new educational Web site – YourAdChoices.com – to provide consumers with information about the Advertising Choice Icon and interest-based advertising generally. The site provides a variety of videos to help users better understand their choices to control this type of advertising.

In recent months, a broad range of Web publishers and online advertising companies have served hundreds of millions of online banners to engage consumers, build awareness of...

January 20, 2012

'Will the Right Ads Find You?'

Today the DAA announced a new consumer education campaign. Building on past efforts by DAA stakeholder organizations, this effort provides clarity to what the DAA program offers consumers for the interest-based advertising they receive from companies participating in the DAA program.

The education campaign is the culmination of over a year’s work by the DAA and is a direct response to the FTC’s call for greater outreach and education to consumers about the choices available to them for interest-based advertising. The advertising creative was produced by MRM SLC, a McCann WorldGroup agency based in Salt Lake City. It speaks in an entertaining, informative voice that engages consumers and helps them to understand what the DAA Icon represents, how it appears, and importantly what it enables consumers to do.

The Website launch is accompanied by an ad banner campaign, also produced by MRM/McCann. Entitled, “Will The Right Ads Find You?”, the banners invite consumers to visit the education Website at YourAdChoices.com for additional information on the program.

•                    The New York Times reported on today’s launch. Read “For Online Privacy, Click Here."

• ...


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November 8, 2011

DAA Expands Self-Regulatory Framework Beyond OBA

Today the DAA announced a major expansion to the framework of its Self-Regulatory Program. The DAA Self-Regulatory Principles for Multi-Site Data represent a significant effort by industry to collectively address uses of consumer data beyond OBA purposes.

Like the Self-Regulatory Principles for OBA that preceded them, these new principles are the outcome of many months of intensive, collaborative work by the DAA, it’s leadership and program participants – and a direct response to concerns expressed by the FTC and policy makers.

The new DAA Principles address several key issues. Among these, that:

  •     Third Parties or Service Providers that collect Multi-Site Data for purposes other than OBA should provide consumers with transparency and control
  •     Multi-Site Data should not be collected, used or transferred for the purpose of making an adverse determination of a consumer’s eligibility for employment, credit standing, health care treatment and/or insurance underwriting
  •     Multi-Site Data that contains certain sensitive health or financial data about a specific individual, should not be collected without that individual’...
November 3, 2011

Yes, Johnny Can Benefit From Transparency and Control

A recent survey by Carnegie Mellon University entitled, “Why Johnny Can’t Opt Out: A Usability Evaluation of Tools to Limit Online Behavioral Advertising,” identifies what the researchers view as inefficiencies in the current DAA Self-Regulatory Program.

This study, which cites a small sample size of only 45 participants, insufficiently describes the actual interactions of millions of consumers and their experience with the DAA’s Program by completely ignoring how the average consumer “discovers” their online choices with regard to online behavioral ads.

The DAA has revolutionized consumer education and choice by delivering a real-time, in-ad notice more than 10 billion times every day through the increasingly ubiquitous DAA Advertising Option Icon (also known as the “Ad Choices” Icon).  This in-ad notice allows consumers to easily click-through to the DAA Consumer Choice Web page (bypassing the DAA homepage entirely).  Once on the consumer choice page, the largest graphic element present on the page is a button that clearly states, “Choose all companies” that quickly and easily enables consumers control over their online advertising and at their discretion.

The DAA would like to submit the results of a much broader survey with real-world metrics; one that is occurring every single week in a broad, consumer environment:

  • ...
November 1, 2011

On the Issue of Online Privacy, Where Do Industry and Government Agree?

Following October 11, 2011, when DAA Board Member Linda Woolley testified at the “Understanding Consumer Attitudes About Privacy” hearing, Direct Marketing News posted my commentary on some interesting alignments between industry and government on the issue of online privacy, which came to light at the hearing on October 13. You can view the full hearing proceeds here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-vyS6B5AyE.


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