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June 7, 2013

Our First Annual Summit… in Tweets, Part I: State of Industry & Champions of DAA Session Coverage

The Digital Advertising Alliance held its first-ever Summit for DAA participants on June 5 in Washington, DC – sponsored by TRUSTe.

For a “quick read” on goings-on at the conference, we’ve taken the  #DAASummit Twitter feed from our @daausa handle and will post these in a series as a “quick read” recap of the event, beginning with this post.

For a full summary of all Twitter participants who posted during the event (there were more than 200 posted), visit twitter.com/DAAUSA.

Selected presentations for the event will be posted on this blog shortly.

Happy scanning!

Tweets from our DAA account – organized by session according to our Summit agenda – please follow us at @daausa:


DMA CEO Linda Woolley Opens #DMASummit sponsored by @TRUSTe | #interest-based ads

Our first #DAASummit – Thanks to 4A’s, DMA, AAF, ANA, IAB, NAI, CBBB, and sponsor @TRUSTe & Hundreds of DAA Participant Companies

Welcome to #DAASummit – 15m visitors to youradchoices.com ed site | total 2m unique opt-outs | #transparency #choice @lmastria

One milestone for #interest-based ads | White House agreement in Feb 12 – set the tone #self-regulation success, says Venable’s Stu Ingis

More Internet real estate is devoted to Advertising Option icon than anything...

May 31, 2013

June 5 DAA’s First Summit – FTC Commissioner Ohlhausen to Serve as Keynote Speaker

The agenda (link below) for the Digital Advertising Alliance’s First Summit is final (June 5 in Washington, DC), and we hope you are able to attend.  We are very pleased to announce that Federal Trade Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen will speak during a luncheon keynote address, providing a perspective on interest-based advertising and Internet innovations in our economy.

Commissioner Ohlhausen recently expressed concern publicly that potential regulation of the Internet could have negative, unintended effects, particularly small online ad companies. We believe such points of view underscore the vital importance of self-regulation for digital interest-based advertising, including self-regulation expansion, enforcement and effectiveness.

This is the scope of our First Summit.   

The DAA Summit will feature panels that tackle the adaptation of self-regulation to the mobile environment; the consumer and brand benefits for companies participating in the DAA’s ubiquitous Advertising Option ”AdChoices“ icon program; the economic importance of relevant advertising to today’s Internet ecosystem, and small publishers in particular; the DAA’s growing compliance and enforcement efforts; and the expansion of the DAA program internationally, where we will be hosting marketers from Canada, and potentially Europe.  


May 20, 2013

DAA To Hold its First Summit – June 5 in Washington, DC

Dialogue and information sharing make for a more informed marketplace.

That’s why we’re excited to welcome Digital Advertising Alliance participants and guests to our First Summit, slated for June 5 (8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. EDT) at the Venable, LLP Offices in Washington, DC.  The event is sponsored by TRUSTe.

We are excited in having this summit for several reasons.

First, while the momentum built by three years of self-regulation success continues to grow, our hard-earned results cannot be taken for granted. The dynamics of the marketplace are continually evolving, and so is the appetite of some policymakers in government to regulate and restrict interest-based advertising. By sharing information on our current program success and the various challenges our business still yet faces, we can better educate ourselves and coordinate further action. Our goal remains to facilitate continued innovation in the ad-funded Internet community.

Second, there are simply a lot of activities DAA is involved in that require knowledge sharing among our stakeholders. For example, our Principles guidance for mobile platforms is continues to move forward, our global expansion is continuing, and – importantly – there will be important perspectives shared directly from policymakers that will enable concerted exchange.  Enforcement also will be a program highlight – with...

May 14, 2013

Reality Check: DAA Self-Regulation Success for Interest-Based Ads is in the Numbers

At a recent Senate Commerce Committee hearing regarding interest-based advertising, we were all reminded of the importance and need for continued consumer and business education about how interest-based ads work, what choices consumers have in receiving them, and the benefits made possible by this thriving advertising ecosystem.

Truth be told, based on a Digital Advertising Alliance-commissioned poll, consumers understand why the internet is ad funded, and they hold pragmatic opinions about how it is funded – with an appreciation for interest-based ads in particular:

·         92 percent of Americans think free content like news, weather and blogs is important to the overall value of the Internet (64 percent extremely important, 28 percent somewhat important)

·         75 percent prefer ad supported content to paying for ad-free content

·         68 percent prefer to get at least some ads Internet directed at their interests

·         40 percent prefer to get all their ads directed to their interests

·         75 percent say they should be able to choose the ads they want to see as opposed to 11 percent...

May 1, 2013

Fair Compensation for Actors in all Advertising Platforms: ANA, 4A's Conclude Ad-ID Registration Agreement with SAG-AFRA

One of the challenges of media fragmentation is the ability to make advertising accountable anywhere – and everywhere – a particular audio or video advertisement might be presented. As channels have proliferated in the digital realm, such advertising tracking and monitoring has become that much more complex.

This has presented challenges to actors, for example, in securing accurate compensation for their participation in such ads.

Commercials negotiations between the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), and the Association of National Advertisers-4A’s Joint Policy Committee (JPC) representing the advertising industry, have mandated universal adoption of Ad-ID, the industry standard for identifying advertising assets across all media platforms, in order to provide the identification required for fair talent compensation.

From DAA’s perspective, Ad-ID is one more example of the innovation necessary to ensure a long healthy growth for the ad-funded content which consumers have grown to know and expect. Ad-ID shows what can happen when members of private industry, representing diverse interests, work together to achieve a better advertising ecosystem – something DAA was founded to do on behalf of interest-based advertising.  With Ad-ID registration expanding to help make contracts consistent, SAG-AFTRA members will achieve more precise compensation – even when those ads are interest-based.



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