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July 31, 2014

Location Privacy Debate Gets an Industry Education Airing

The Digital Advertising Alliance gives precise location data heightened attention in its Application of Self-Regulatory Principles to the Mobile Environment (download third document), which we released last summer.

This past week I had the chance to participate in a Webinar offered by DAA Founding Association Interactive Advertising Bureau titled “Mobile Location Data and Privacy: What You Should Know.” 

While I testified at a Congressional hearing in June on this matter, the upshot is that our industry’s prompt, forward call for transparency, and for consumer control, for the collection and use of location data to serve interest-based ads serves to keep marketing largely free from burdensome regulation.

Yes, our self-regulation calls on advertisers to take on various responsibilities in conjunction with location data collection and use – and these responsibilities will be enforced by our enforcement partners Council of Better Business Bureaus and Direct Marketing Association – but these responsibilities are ours to shape and implement.

I want to thank the IAB Mobile Marketing Center, IAB’s Executive Vice President & General Counsel Mike Zaneis (@mikezaneis) and DAA’s Counsel Michael Signorelli of Venable for hosting and co-presenting in this important industry...

July 25, 2014

Meeting the Multi-Platform Challenge: Creating Transparency and Choice Tools for Users Wherever They Connect

The following post is another part of our DAA Summit 2014 coverage series.

Whether at home or in the car, or at play or at work, consumers are more connected than ever before. Between smartphones, e-readers, laptops and tablets, consumers are communicating, and accessing and sharing information, using multiple platforms and devices -- and they are doing it quickly and easily.

This new menu of options presents great opportunities for those in the digital advertising space, yet it also poses a challenge for online advertisers seeking to maximize their value to consumers while also allowing for transparency and choice.

This was the context for just one of the topics of discussion at our recent Digital Advertising Alliance annual summit: Innovation and consumer value by leveraging transparency and control in online advertising across screens. At a session titled, “Meeting the Multi-Platform Challenge: Creating Transparency and Choice Tools for Users Wherever They Connect,” a dynamic panel of experts including Chris Babel, chief executive officer with TrustArc; James Lamberti, vice president & general manager with AdTruth, a part of Experian, and; Ho shin, general counsel with Millennial Media – tackled questions around how digital advertisers can continue to meet consumer’s...

July 22, 2014

Compliance and Enforcement: Keystones for Self-Regulation Effectiveness

This blog post is another in our continuing series of coverage from #DAASummit2014, held June 26 in San Francisco.

One of the remarks made by the Federal Trade Commission’s Jessica Rich, as she spoke during a keynote address at the Digital Advertising Alliance Summit,  was her ticking off a list of hallmarks for successful self-regulation. Independent enforcement, backed by the power to refer to a government agency when necessary, is one such hallmark.

It is gratifying to have not only the Council of Better Business Bureau as one of our two enforcement partners, along with the Direct Marketing Association’s Committee on Ethical Business Practice, but also to know that CBBB, and DMA as well, are held in esteem by government officials whose purpose is above all enforcement and the protection of consumers.

During the Summit, we were able to hear firsthand from both our enforcement partners. Peggy Hudson, senior vice president, government affairs, spoke first from DMA. “DMA’s Accountability Program is consumer complaint driven. DMA receives more than 16,000 communications from consumers each year about a whole host of marketing practices. Those communications and complaints are what drive our process – a consumer complaint is the starting point for every compliance or enforcement action that DMA takes.”

“The good news is digital advertisers are a pretty good group of folks,” Hudson said...

July 18, 2014

DAA Speaks with Brands: Transparency & Choice Bring Wins for Consumers & Interest-Based Ads

This week the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) had the opportunity to attend and speak at the 2014 Association of National Advertisers Digital and Social Media Conference in Dana Point, CA. A founding member of the DAA, the ANA hosted an excellent event attended by some of the brightest minds in marketing and the most recognizable brands in the world. These are the brands with which consumers engage everyday. DAA is proud to help foster the transparency and control consumers demand when engaging with these brands be it on desktop or increasingly mobile and in-app environments.

With presentations dedicated to navigating brands, content, and advertising of all types through an ever-changing media landscape, it was a perfect audience for sharing DAA’s message about collaboration with businesses, public policy groups, and public officials to ensure that a high standard for consumer privacy, transparency and control are addressed and independently enforced across the industry.

I was able to highlight the ubiquity of the DAA Icon on the web -- whether on desktop, mobile, social, or multi-screen environments, the DAA Icon is served globally 1 trillion times per month -- while underlining the DAA’s work with hundreds of companies and thousands of brands, many of whom attended the conference as well. I was also able to showcase the forthcoming AppChoices and mobile-optimized Web Consumer Choice Page as tools...

July 17, 2014

New Website Launched with Ad Industry in Mind

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) has launched our newest web property, digitaladvertisingalliance.org. The new site builds on our commitment to educate the advertising industry about DAA’s established and enforceable principles for responsible privacy practices across the online advertising industry, and to provide consumers with enhanced transparency and control regarding relevant advertising on their digital devices.

The site is part of a larger effort to help key audiences better understand the role we play as the industry’s self-regulatory body for stewarding responsible privacy practices for interest-based advertising in desktop, mobile and multi-screen environments. The blue DAA Icon, which provides enhanced transparency into interest-based advertising practices, is served globally 1 trillion times each month.

As we grows and evolve, so too does awareness of our unique self-regulatory model among advertisers, and policymakers. As we continue to expand into the mobile and multi-platform environments where brands and consumers engage, this site will be the anchor for these key audiences to stay apprised about the DAA program and the core principles that define our mission to be the digital advertising industry’s standard-bearer for consumer privacy by providing effective and enforceable transparency and control at an increasingly global scale.

The site will help DAA tell the story of the tremendous value of...


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