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July 10, 2015

DAA Summit 2015: Publishers Engage Consumers with Trust and Transparency

DAA Summit 2015 Publishers Panel

[Photo:  DAA Executive Director opens Publishers’ Roundtable panel at DAA Summit 2015. Seated left to right: Clark Rector, Executive Vice President, Government Affairs, American Advertising Federation; Michael Hauser, Assistant General Counsel, Turner Broadcasting System (CNN); Kyle McCarthy, Co-Founder and Editor, Family Travel Forum; Patricia Neuray, Vice President, Sales, TRUSTe; and Sal Tripi, Assistant Vice President, Digital Operations & Compliance, Publishers Clearing House and PCH.com.]

Big idea: As consumers embrace multiple platforms, the online publishing world evolves to engage site visitors with trust, control and transparency.

Publishers of all sizes took the main stage at the recent Digital Advertising Alliance Summit 2015 to discuss the role of responsible data collection in providing relevant content on their sites, both editorially and in advertising. Adhering to DAA Principles, they agreed, is essential to engender and bolster consumer trust.

“In our company we have democratized the approach to consumer protection and privacy,” said Michael Hauser, assistant general counsel for Turner Broadcasting System, the owner of CNN and other brands. Hauser noted that Turner has a cross-functional team that regularly meets to discuss privacy and information...

July 6, 2015

FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny Talks Up X-Device Technology, Consumer Expectations & Protections at DAA Summit 2015

[In the photo, DAA Board Member Dan Jaffe, group executive vice president, government relations, Association of National Advertisers (standing), concludes his introduction of Federal Trade Commissioner Terrell McSweeny (seated, right) and DAA General Counsel Stu Ingis of Venable, LLP.]

Big Idea:  Anticipate consumer privacy impact with consideration and adoption of new technology. DAA Principles are technology neutral – and thus apply as marketers innovate.

How we approach new technology was a recurring theme at the sold-out Digital Advertising Alliance Summit 2015, which took place on June 2 at Ogilvy offices in New York.  Our policy keynote speaker Commissioner Terrell McSweeny of the Federal Trade Commission urged us to carry on the good and necessary work of keeping pace with change – and we see ourselves acting the role of reading the market and anticipating privacy impact.

At the Summit, we had more than 140 participants, all of whom reflect the landscape of responsible data collection and use in interest-based advertising:  ad networks, mobile networks, consumer brands, business brands, publishers, ad agencies, marketers and ad tech companies.  They had a compelling reason to be here, the business need to drive relevance consumers. DAA helps enable respected tools and safeguards in the...

June 25, 2015

DAA Summit 2015: Bringing Transparency and Control to the Multi-Device User

Photo:  “Keeping Up with the Multi-Device User – Enhanced Transparency and Control Beyond the Desktop” Keynote Panel at DAA Summit 2015 (Left to Right):  Joan FitzGerald, Senior Vice President, Television and Cross Media Service, comScore; John Montgomery, Chief Operating Officer, GroupM Connect; Vivek Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, Ziff Davis; and Nick Nyhan, Chief Executive Officer, WPP Data Alliance.  The panel was introduced by Nancy Hill, president and chief executive officer, 4A’s (not pictured).

The Big Idea: As technology evolves and consumers are engaged across multiple platforms, the DAA’s self-regulatory program can adapt to provide transparency and control for devices beyond the desktop.

Amid ever-changing technology, the Digital Advertising Alliance continues to evolve and transform while providing a privacy benchmark for clients, noted Nancy Hill, president and CEO of 4A’s, one of six founding members of DAA, who introduced  a  keynote panel at the DAA Summit 2015 “Evolution” on June 2.

Moderator John Montgomery, COO of GroupM Connect, opened the panel by recalling the inception of the DAA Icon program, which took place years ago at the very location of the Summit, Ogilvy Events on New York City’s West Side.

“How does the consumer fit into this new multiplatform...

May 7, 2015

The Next Step on our Mobile Journey: Mobile Privacy Enforcement Comes September 1, 2015

This week, the Digital Advertising Alliance took its next step in our efforts to extend effective, independent, ecosystem-wide self-regulation to the online marketing marketplace as it applies to mobile platforms.  We announced independent enforcement of our Mobile Guidance will begin September 1, 2015.

This is a big step.

The DAA’s mobile journey began when we released our Mobile Guidance in the U.S. marketplace. Importantly, these were not “mobile guidelines” but interpretation and application of DAA’s existing Principles for Interest-Based Advertising (IBA) and Multi-Site Data Collection for mobile marketing.  These were followed up by a steady diet of industry education events (Webinars and conference speaking), release of Mobile Specifications for placement of the DAA Icon in mobile advertisements, and our announcement in February this year of expanded Consumer...

March 31, 2015

DAA’s New Mobile Choice Tools: A Journey, Not a Destination

February 2015 was a milestone month for the Digital Advertising Alliance.  Last month, we announced public availability of two new tools for smartphone and tablet users in the U.S.:  (1) Consumer Choice Page for Mobile Web – a mobile-optimized version of our long-standing “desktop” Consumer Choice Page, and (2) AppChoices, our first mobile application enabling transparency and choice for cross-app data collection and interest-based advertising in app environments.

Together, they represent a “Promises Made, Promises Kept” moment for DAA – a commitment we had made to stakeholders. It has been a disciplined and deliberate journey which first resulted in the release of our Mobile Guidance to companies on how to adhere to DAA Principles for multi-site (and multi-app) data collection for applicable DAA business purposes, principally interest-based ads.  Next we developed creative specifications for placement of the DAA Icon in mobile interest-based ads.  Then in launching AppChoices and Consumer Choice Page for Mobile Web, DAA...


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