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March 17, 2017

Summit Snapshot: What’s Your Privacy Team Plan?

Communication and collaboration throughout organizations are critical to integrate the DAA Principles effectively. Innovations such as location and cross-device data collection and use are current examples where Principles adherence can help marketers manage privacy successfully.

As the Digital Advertising Alliance readies the DAA Summit 2017 program, here’s a new Summit Snapshot from last year’s DAA Summit 2016, “What’s Your Privacy Team Plan?” to help provide content and context on this once-a-year event.

Consumer Centrism and Privacy

Chris Oswald, vice president, advocacy, Data & Marketing Association, opened Digital Advertising Alliance 2016 Summit Panel, “What’s Your Privacy ‘Team’ Plan? Marketing Respectfully & Responsibly Across the Enterprise” by stating, “Let’s talk a little bit about what you do to foster a consumer-centric culture within your company, and what that entails.”

Tyler Simmons, director, programmatic strategy, Foursquare, emphasized the importance of understanding the relationship between consumers and privacy as part of the brand engagement equation, “The foundation for everything we do is our consumers and our consumer apps -- people using them, people feeling comfortable sharing their...

March 2, 2017

Summit Snapshot: Publishers Set the Stage for Relevant Ad Content & Brand Engagement

As we look to Digital Advertising Alliance 2017 this June, our 5th annual event, we’ve set a theme titled “Furthering Consumer Trust through Dynamic Self-Regulation” – representing the pace of innovation in our field and the enhancement and advancement of our program to keep in step with consumers and their brand engagement. Publishers are of course a vital part in our self-regulatory efforts, and how both consumers and brands engage through interest-based advertising – timely context for more session programming at this year’s event.  Let’s take a look at DAA Summit 2016 publishers who gathered and shared their perspectives on the DAA program.

Heard at DAA Summit 2016…

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) program offers publishers a helpful framework to address consumer concerns -- and meet ethical obligations to protect industry and bolster consumer trust and brand engagement. The advertising ecosystem is constantly changing, forcing companies -- and self-regulation itself -- to stay relevant and meet the challenges and opportunities of advertising innovation.

“We’ve been talking a lot about the different parts of the ecosystem that is part of this whole big industry…We’re going to spend a little time talking to folks today who represent really where the customer engages, (which) is what we’re doing as publishers,” said Clark Rector, executive vice...

January 25, 2017

Cross-Device Guidance for DAA Principles: Enforcement Begins on Feb. 1, 2017

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Principles for Interest-Based Advertising and Multi-Site Data collection and use are well established in both desktop and mobile advertising environments.

This coming week, our latest interpretation of these Principles – our Cross-Device Guidance – takes enforcement effect, on February 1. This process began nearly two years ago, leading up to the release of the Guidance at the FTC’s Cross-Device Workshop in November 2015 and alerts about forthcoming accountability that began October 2016. Only this week, the Federal Trade Commission, in its latest staff report on cross-device data collection in the marketplace, included this statement of support:

"FTC staff commends these...

January 13, 2017

Partnering with Purpose: Keeping Effective Self-Regulation Moving in 2016 and Forward

This exercise helps us continue to be a strong partner with you, keeping in step with marketplace innovations, brand engagements and consumer expectations in the year ahead.

Our program is entering its sixth year in market – and continues to be a standard bearer for effective self-regulation, providing a foundation for consumer trust as they interact with brands in digital, mobile, and now cross-device spaces.  This is not by accident, our success is bolstered by strong participation from all parts of the interest-based advertising ecosystem: brands, publishers, agencies, ad networks and ad tech companies – as well as our trade association founders and accountability partners.

Look at some of the highlights of what we achieved together in 2016:

  • CROSS DEVICE | The announcement of the effective date for our Cross-Device Guidance, February 1, 2017, builds off our successful efforts in mobile and desktop platforms The Cross-Device Guidance is an example of how our partnership keeps the DAA at the forefront of innovation with its participants, and helps keep government regulation at bay.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY RESOURCE | The publication of our first...


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December 14, 2016

Education through Accountability: DAA Introduces its First Enforcement in Action Casebook Resource

This week, the Digital Advertising Alliance will start its fulfillment of our Enforcement in Action casebook – a summary of learnings from five years of U.S. enforcement of DAA Principles in the interest-based advertising marketplace.

“Casebook” may sound like a legal resource – and it certainly can be useful to counsel – but its true intent is to be a resource throughout marketing organizations… brand managers, marketing practitioners, strategic advisors, product development, compliance contacts, tech folks, anyone engaged with the responsible collection of user browsing and app usage data – as well as other user data categories – for the purposes of serving a relevant ad.

There’s no shortage of credit to give for all the contributors for the substance in this 200-page-plus resource – but I want to especially acknowledge our Accountability Partners – the Council of Better Business Bureaus Advertising Self-Regulatory Council and the Data & Marketing Association’s Corporate Responsibility Team in particular– plus our own counsel at Venable LLP for their herculean effort to bring this one-stop resource to fruition. 

The dozens of cases and the reporting documented to date in this volume have vital teaching for both first parties and third parties, on desktops and mobile, on how DAA Principles for Interest-based Advertising, Multi-Site Data Collection, and DAA Mobile Guidance are interpreted and enforced. [Our DAA Cross-Device...


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