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September 21, 2017

Summit Snapshot: The One-Ton Cookie -- The Intersection of Self-Driving Vehicles and Relevance

Innovation at DAA Summit 2017…

The age of connected and autonomous vehicles has arrived, raising questions about the future of the auto industry, public safety, and the very nature of transportation. But as cars become smarter, companies and regulators alike are thinking about more than just their driving performance -- the focus also rests on the data such vehicles can collect.

A self-driving vehicle today generates about one gigabyte of information every second, according to David L. Strickland, partner at Venable, who led a panel at DAA Summit 2017 titled “The One-Ton Cookie: the Intersection of Self-Driving Vehicles and Relevance.” Even non-autonomous “connected” cars are constantly collecting data about their location, performance, and visual surroundings.

Who has access this data is still in question, but Strickland and his fellow panelists -- Rebecca Lindland, senior director of consumer insights at Kelley Blue Book/Cox Automotive, and Peder Magee, senior attorney for privacy and identity protection at the Federal Trade Commission -- agreed that it will redefine cars and their societal and economic value.

“Data is going to be the lifeblood of this industry,” forecasted Strickland, who previously served as the top regulator at the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration before moving to Venable.

The panelists discussed what this data-based future might look like and...

August 16, 2017

Summit Snapshot: Is the IBA Ecosystem Ready for GDPR?

This blog is Part II of II. Part I discusses what’s known as of June 2017 about GDPR regulation -- scheduled to take effect May 2018.  No information imparted in this blog series should be construed as legal counsel. Rather this post is strictly for information purposes only.

Heard at DAA Summit 2017...

Representatives from different areas of the interest-based advertising (IBA) ecosystem met during a DAA Summit 2017 panel to discuss how their companies are preparing for the imminent GDPR -- scheduled to take effect roughly nine months from the date of this post.

Peter Kosmala, then the senior vice president of government relations at 4A’s, introduced and moderated the panel, which offered a more “practical perspective” on the GDPR, complementing the previous day’s workshop discussion about GDPR’s known legal elements.

Peter Kosmala

Photo: Peter Kosmala, then senior vice president of government relations at 4A’s, moderates GDPR in Practice panel at DAA Summit 2017

Before the panel delved into discussion, Darren Abernethy, senior global privacy manager at TrustArc, contextualized the ensuing conversation with GDPR fundamentals: harmonization of 28 member state laws under one...

August 2, 2017

Summit Snapshot: GDPR Policy Imperatives, Just the Facts

This blog is Part I of II. Part II discusses how some parts of the interest-based advertising ecosystem are preparing for GDPR adherence.  No information imparted in this blog series should be construed as legal counsel. Rather this post is strictly for information purposes only.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25, 2018, leaving affected organizations less than a year to come up with compliance strategies for what will be a significant change in European data regulation.

When GDPR was adopted last April, press coverage focused on its firm penalties for non-compliers: fines equaling 20 million Euros or four percent of annual global turnover -- whichever is more.  Stifling.

Those in the digital advertising industry are more focused on solutions. At last month’s “Digital Advertising Accountability Workshop” held at the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Summit 2017, three experts in European data privacy who are committed to finding the best strategies for compliance -- Shannon Yavorsky, partner at Venable LLP; Matthias Matthiesen, senior manager of privacy and public policy at IAB [Interactive Advertising Bureau] Europe; and Mathilde Fiquet, vice chair of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) and EU affairs manager for the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing (FEDMA) -- gathered on a panel...

July 20, 2017

Summit Snapshot: How Out of Home Advertising is Using Data Responsibly

Innovation at DAA Summit 2017...

Digital advertising never stops innovating -- take, for example, the out of home ad market.

As out of home (OOH) advertisers find new ways to embrace digital tech, they are increasingly relying on the bread and butter of digital advertising: data. And as leaders in out of home advertising look to a data-based future, they are also proactively dealing with questions around privacy -- a novel issue for what is perhaps the ad industry’s oldest medium.


Photo:  Billboards… reimagined. A fun mockup from our friends at Outdoor Advertising Association of America

To characterize this evolution, innovators helping rejuvenate the industry spoke at DAA Summit 2017, shedding light on how out of home is increasingly resembling online and mobile interest-based advertising (IBA) in its application of data while planning for privacy.

The very notion of out of home ads using data may be counterintuitive -- billboards might be considered among the most static and nonspecific forms of broadcast advertising. Taking aim at such misconceptions, panel moderator, Stephen Freitas, chief marketing officer at the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), began by asking panelists -- all of them practitioners in the field (no pun intended) -- the simple question, “...

July 18, 2017

Summit Snapshot: ‘Brand Champions’ Address Brand Safety and the Consumer Engagement Value Exchange

Heard at DAA Summit 2017...

In a panel titled “Brand Champions: Brand Safety and the Consumer Engagement Value Exchange,” attendees at this year’s Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Summit heard from leaders in digital governance, who spoke about how and why well-known brands are innovating to engage with consumers through choice and transparency made possible by DAA program participation.

“How has digital governance evolved over recent years? Has the DAA self-regulatory framework offered an effective, flexible way to meet consumer expectations while enabling innovation?” asked David Buzby, director of government relations at the Association of National Advertisers, who opened the afternoon panel and served as its moderator.

Jonny Silberman, director of digital strategy and innovation at Anheuser-Busch InBev, said ideal adtech and data partners demonstrate a “proactive approach” to privacy and that DAA compliance is “a prerequisite for us to play within the space from an innovation perspective.”

“One of the signals that we’re starting to look to in terms of identifying vendors is not only have they checked all their boxes from a privacy perspective,” Silberman explained, “but are they involved within the privacy community, are they engaged and are they having the conversations to push the industry forward? Those are the people we want to partner with in the long term.”



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