Summit Snapshot: Reassurance Now and for the Long Run with the YourAdChoices Privacy Program

May 19, 2020

Big Idea: Adherence to DAA Principles is the “go to” for brands when it comes to offering consumers transparency and control.

Earlier this month, at DAA Virtual Summit 20 | ADvolution, it gave me an opportunity to express thanks to our speakers, sponsors, programmers and team – and to reflect on the current advertising and privacy environment. It was also a chance to thank our Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) program participants for their continued leadership, also in this “new normal.”

Right now, we may believe that public safety, public health and economic stimulus are the only issues that matter in our society. Make no mistake, these all matter greatly. But we also might consider that, as advertisers, consumers are eager to hear messages of reassurance. Brands, publishers and their agency and ad tech partners have an extremely useful, helpful role here to meet this acute need.

In fact, in our stay-at-home circumstances, and those fortunate enough to work at home, many types of media are being chosen and consumed at heightened levels. Right now, consumers – and advertisers – are rushing to quality.

It’s that much more important today and in our eventual turnaround that we do not lose sight of the reassurance consumers have come to expect when it comes to digital advertising transparency and control – with trillions of YourAdChoices Icons having been served. Working with companies who uphold your commitment to this ubiquitously deployed tool helps make sure that your brand values support responsible data collection and use.

Participating in the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) demonstrates your commitment to consumer privacy preferences in Interest-Based Advertising and data collection across Web sites and/or mobile applications. It’s also a clear signal to your business partners that you expect each of them to honor the same commonly understood "DAA Privacy Rules of the Road" and uphold your brand’s ethical standards.

The DAA Principles will continue to be a hallmark that savvy media buyers will look for to reassure their clients and consumers in – and eventually coming out of – a troubled economy. 

DAA research points to the importance of the YourAdChoices Icon as a visual gateway for consumers. The icon has become a useful and trusted tool for consumers to get information about and exercise control over the types of advertising they receive.

  • Let’s start with the consumer. According to DAA-commissioned research, nearly 8 in 10 look favorably on brands, websites, and apps that display the ubiquitous YourAdChoices icon. The icon acts as a conduit for transparency and control when browsing, in app usage, and when related data are collected responsibly to serve more relevant interest-based advertising.
  • Second, regulators look favorably on industry efforts to self-regulate, even as they weigh public policy. The Federal Trade Commission, members of U.S. Congress, the White House, and other stakeholders have all have pointed to the DAA Principles and program as a means to collect and use data responsibly.
  • Third, your company and digital properties gain “halo” protection. The DAA’s YourAdChoices Program participation strongly signals that you place a premium on consumer privacy.

Adherence to the Principles constitutes the flight to quality that both brands and consumers seek – a program that is more relevant than ever right now. So let’s keep consumers – and the entirety of the interest-based advertising supply chain feeling reassured. The entire DAA team is ready to help you. As we look to a brighter future ahead, let’s not forget the important privacy rules of the road that helped us navigate in the past. Stay safe. And we are hopeful our next Summit in 2021 will be back to a face-to-face professional exchange.

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