A Reminder: Ad Marker Creative Specifications for ‘Your Ad Choices’ Icon in Mobile

August 3, 2015

As we head closer toward September, and the independent enforcement of Digital Advertising Alliance’s Mobile Guidance, one of the most often asked questions we receive has to do with creative specifications for the indication of data collection and interest-based ads in mobile environments… Mobile Web display ads, in-app ads, and the like.  Just where do advertisers place the “Your Ad Choices” Icon and what links should be in place behind the icon?

As a reminder, the DAA has published specifications on the “Resources Page” of our operations site:  https://digitaladvertisingalliance.org/sites/aboutads/files/DAA_files/DAA_Ad_Marker_Guidelines_Mobile.pdf

Example:  In-App, In Ad…

Example:  Rich Media Ad…

Example: In App, In Settings…


The specifications answer a great number of industry questions regarding how to properly display the Icon (next to and inside mobile display ads, on footer pages of sites where data collection occurs, in app settings, etc.) and what links to explanations need be present.  The resource is a complement to the full Mobile Guidance.

These will help first parties and third parties ensure mobile users are seeing a consistent notice-and-choice experience as they use mobile platforms – similar to the experiences they encounter in desktop environments.

On September 1, our two independent Accountability Partners – the Council of Better Business Bureau’s Advertising Self-Regulatory Council (CBBB) and the Direct Marketing Association’s corporate responsibility team (DMA) – will begin monitoring the mobile marketplace, as well as handling inbound complaints around possible non-compliance with DAA interest-based and multi-site data collection Principles in mobile environments. Again, our goal is to ensure that when consumers are on their mobile devices, they enjoy the same transparency and control for their interest-based ads as they have come to expect and trust on their desktops.

If you have any questions about how to comply, or have a scenario in which you’d welcome guidance, please reach out confidentially to CBBB or DMA and ask for any clarification, explanation or information, short of legal counsel.  All proactive questions from the marketplace are handled in non-public fashion, and also help us do a better job of industry education in our own Webinars, online FAQs and conference presentations, as our Accountability Partners share with us with discretion on what questions and fact patterns they commonly hear.

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