Promoting Online Content Diversity and Small Business Innovation through Relevant Advertising

July 14, 2014

The following post is another part of our DAA Summit 2014 coverage series.

While much of the Digital Advertising Alliance Summit 2014 focused on the big ideas, trends and data associated with the macro world of interest based advertising, this particular panel moderated by Interactive Advertising Bureau Senior Director of Public Policy Alison Pepper, pivoted the conversation a bit toward the day-to-day benefits that relevant advertising means to small businesses operating in the online space.

Panelists Paul Banas, CEO and founder of and Nick Jabbour, founder of, both members of the IAB's Long Tail Alliance, spoke about their business models' reliance on relevant advertising in order to keep customers and patrons returning to their sites and engaged online. The IAB Long Tail Alliance represents small digital publishers that rely on digital advertising sales and have revenues of under $1 million per year.

Both publishers spoke about how relevant advertising allows them to concentrate on the service they provide and the content they produce without having to worry about pay walls or other barriers which for small businesses would mean that consumers would turn away. The audience was treated to a walk-through of both sites that relayed the consumer experience, showed the real-time relevant advertising, and demonstrated an operational view of how the DAA Icon is served to a consumer in the real world.

Nick and Paul are valuable voices that cannot be found inside the beltway. They are real people whose businesses are able to flourish nearly wholly because of interest-based advertising. Because of interest-based advertising, they can actually compete – and serve niche information to precise audiences. As they both noted, the internet economy has made the overall economy much more competitive and has leveled the playing field somewhat for small businesses, while collectively serving millions of consumers. As successful business owners with years of experience, they are able to strengthen their communities, create jobs, and contribute to the economy in real terms.

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