Our First Annual Summit… in Tweets, Part III: FTC Commissioner Ohlhausen & Small Publishers Session Coverage

June 9, 2013

The Digital Advertising Alliance held its first-ever Summit for DAA participants on June 5 in Washington, DC – sponsored by TRUSTe.

This is our third in a series of “quick read” reports from the  #DAASummit Twitter feed (follow us at @daausa), and this recap covers two well-received sessions and speakers – our keynote address provided by Federal Trade Commission Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen, and a small publishers panel organized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.    

For a full text of Commissioner Ohlhausen’s address, readers may visit here:

For a full summary of all Twitter participants who posted during the event (there were more than 200 posted), visit twitter.com/DAAUSA.

Selected presentations for the event will be posted on this blog shortly.


FTC’s Ohlhausen: Privacy by Design, Simplified Notice & Choice, Greater Transparency – all good #privacy best practices | #DAASummit

Self-regs can offer consumers more privacy choices – and can be more nimble than government programs | Ohlhausen at #DAASummit

DAA has given consumers constructive choices & offered solid industry education, says FTC’s Commissioner Ohlhausen | #DAASummit

Meaningful enforcement and compliance are important parts of #DAA’s self-reg efforts, thanks to CBBB & DMA | Ohlhausen @ #DAASummit

Privacy is not solely consumer protection issue, but also a competitive one | regulation can lessen such innovation | Ohlhausen @ #DAASummit

FTC Commissioner Ohlhausen: “The freeflow of commercial information is indispensable” re: consumer personal info protection | #DAASummit

Q&A on Rockefeller’s #DNT Mandate Proposal – Ohlhausen says self-reg is evolving & don’t let “perfect be enemy of good” | #DAASummit

FTC Commish Ohlhausen during Q&A: “DAA has created a very good, strong program” so continue consumer & policymaker engagement | #DAASummit

FTC’s Ohlhausen: Setting a #DNT default – how much does that action reflect consumer preferences? Food for Thought | #DAASummit

Creepiness is not a harm nor part of FTC’s defined scope for regs, enforcement & compliance, says Commissioner Ohlhausen at #DAASummit


At #DAASummit: @iab @mikezaneis – protecting a diverse ecosystem for the Internet also means the long-tail: small publishers, entrepreneurs

“Small” sites produce thousands, even millions, of unique visits – filling niches that larger publishers are not meeting | #DAASummit

PTZtv’s: our growing number of live camera sites & content is 100% ad-funded – cookie-blocking & DNT would shut us down | #DAASummit

ikeafans.com:  third-party ad networks are our bread & butter – 90% of our ad sales | targeted ads matter | #DAASummit | @mikezaneis @iab

joyofbaking.com: 100% of site ad sales are thru 3rd-party ad networks | targeted ads matter | #DAASummit

Update at @iab – More than 950 small publishers sign open letter to ask Mozilla not to block 3rd-party cookies | #DAASummit @mikezaneis

Ad blockers steal from us! Tear down billboards or cut ads out from newsstands – you’d get arrested - this is no different! | #DAASummit

Part IV – our final Twitter summary – will follow.


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