Our First Annual Summit… in Tweets, Part I: State of Industry & Champions of DAA Session Coverage

June 7, 2013

The Digital Advertising Alliance held its first-ever Summit for DAA participants on June 5 in Washington, DC – sponsored by TRUSTe.

For a “quick read” on goings-on at the conference, we’ve taken the  #DAASummit Twitter feed from our @daausa handle and will post these in a series as a “quick read” recap of the event, beginning with this post.

For a full summary of all Twitter participants who posted during the event (there were more than 200 posted), visit twitter.com/DAAUSA.

Selected presentations for the event will be posted on this blog shortly.

Happy scanning!

Tweets from our DAA account – organized by session according to our Summit agenda – please follow us at @daausa:


DMA CEO Linda Woolley Opens #DMASummit sponsored by @TRUSTe | #interest-based ads

Our first #DAASummit – Thanks to 4A’s, DMA, AAF, ANA, IAB, NAI, CBBB, and sponsor @TRUSTe & Hundreds of DAA Participant Companies

Welcome to #DAASummit – 15m visitors to youradchoices.com ed site | total 2m unique opt-outs | #transparency #choice @lmastria

One milestone for #interest-based ads | White House agreement in Feb 12 – set the tone #self-regulation success, says Venable’s Stu Ingis

More Internet real estate is devoted to Advertising Option icon than anything else – 1 trillion ad impressions per month | #DAASummit

Math of Today’s Net: Ad-Funded Internet + Relevant Advertising + Transparency & Choice = Preferred Online User Experience | #DAASummit

More from #DAASummit – Enforcement breeds #trust, 19 successful compliance actions to date through Council of Better Business Bureaus | says Venable’s Stu Ingis

A reminder from #DAASummit – 68% of Americans want at least some relevant ads served to them online, says Venable’s Stu Ingis


Dick O’Brien of @4As just gave a logo inventory of many #DAA participants – art directors would cringe there are so many | #DAASummit

 “The [Advertising Option] icon leaves innovation untouched” says Jason Bier of @ValueClickMedia re: the Internet - #DAASummit

John Montgomery @taxidodger – COO of @GroupMWorldwide – foot on gas for industry & consumer education on #interest-based ads | #DAASummit

Momentum bodes well for #mobile #self-regulation in #interest-based ads – clients want to be up & running, says @taxidodger | #DAASummit

Do consumers understand how browsers work? How cookies, tracking is used & how that has changed in past 4 years? @TRUSTe #DAASummit

Unilateral browser cookie-blocking is “dangerous” for advertisers, says John Montgomery COO of @GroupMWorldwide | #DAASummit

Jason Bier of @ValueClickMedia: W3C #DNT discussions have been “messy” & we don’t want to see DNT undermining innovation | #DAASummit

GroupM’s @taxidodger: Any form of regulation will slow down Internet ad spend & economy, will US lose competitive edge? | #DAASummit

CEO Chris Babel of @TRUSTe – Regulation’s potential hindrance outweighs potential benefits | #DAASummit #donottrack

Parts II, III and IV will follow -- with links to selected presentations also forthcoming.  Stay tuned!


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