Online & Mobile Display to Keep Growing Strong – Largely Driven by Relevance

October 13, 2014

With Forrester Research reporting online display growing by a compound annual rate of 13.7 percent through 2019, “fueled by advancements in programmatic, video and mobile media,” as reported by MediaPost last week, and with mobile expected to generate 42 percent of global ad spend growth through 2016, according to ZenithOptimedia, now is a superb time to be part of the interest-based advertising supply chain.

It is important to understand how important data collection is, and how important responsible use of data in this environment is, to ensuring consumer acceptance and trust along this growth trajectory.

Ad revenue for digital and mobile display doesn’t grow if the analytics behind the data exchanges involved do not work. Insight is only gained from an accurate read of accurate data. We know from our own Digital Advertising Alliance-commissioned research earlier this year that publishers enjoy a premium for enabling relevant ads – and advertisers are more than willing to pay for it.

Programmatic media buying depends on rich understanding of target audiences – in many respects, advertisers are effectively buying audiences here, not just media.

Video is a highly engaging vehicle for consumers.  The use of video online on desktops – which Forrester projects to grow by 21 percent per year through 2019, where it will then command more than half of desktop display ad spending – is only growing because consumers find it informative and entertaining.  This week, we launched our  DAA In-Stream Video Ad Marker Implementation Guidelines Working Group, to enable a consistent consumer notice and choice experience with video ads as they do with mobile and desktop.

And mobile display, which Forrester projects will command 38.6 percent of total online display market share by 2019, up from 24.4 percent this year, also is dependent on responsible data collection for its success. To this end, we announced Mobile Guidance to our Principles (both for interest-based ads and multi-site data collection) – and will be announcing AppChoices, a consumer choice tool for the in-app environment, and our Mobile-Optimized Consumer Choice Page shortly.

Keeping pace with consumer expectations as our dynamic advertising ecosystem grows and matures is a priority for DAA.  And with the growth rate expected ahead, our work is more important for industry and consumers than ever.

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