A New Specifications Creation Process for the DAA Icon: Video

September 15, 2014

With all the fanfare of our announcement earlier this year of ad marker guidelines for the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Advertising Option Icon and approved texts in mobile environments, building on similar specifications for desktop environments, one might think it’s time to take a breather.

But we’re on a roll – this time a video roll. 

So our next working group is about to begin. Our goal is to remove the guesswork on placement of the DAA Icon, corresponding texts, and links to policies and preference centers – so the consumer has a consistent privacy experience. It continues the DAA's ethos of delivering actual products and services that are practical and privacy-preserving. That is, self-regulation that can quickly and adroitly adapt to changing market dynamics. 

And so we come to the moving image… which can happen on any screen (desktop or mobile) on any device.  And might I add online video advertising has a multitude of technical formats – in-stream, linear, non-linear, in-banner, in-text, in-page, in-app, in-game… needless to say, this working group will be busy providing guidance for how to place the DAA Icon in each format. The eventual guidelines will also cover necessary links to privacy policies and choice mechanisms, just as the existing spec documents already do.

It will be hard work – but it will be rewarding, too.  Our first call will be Thursday, October 9, from 4 pm – 5 pm ET | 1 pm – 2 pm PT. It should last no more than 60 minutes.

Perhaps that’s why we have a few raised hands already to get started – and we’d welcome a few more. Once again, our able colleagues at the Interactive Advertising Bureau will organize and manage the DAA video guidelines working group proceedings.

If you’d like to participate, please send a quick note to the attention of Alan Turransky at IAB – alan@iab.net

Consumers want ad-supported or free content, relevance and privacy safeguards. Brands want to engage consumers with relevance and in a consistent privacy-safe (brand-safe) manner. Publishers want to provide content that increases revenue and efficiency in a way that puts consumers in control of their experiences. Agencies and digital ad platforms want to provide best practices to make sure these goals are achievable. 

With the huge growth in online video, in large part because of its engaging, informative and entertaining value, and with growing reliance on data-sharing to drive video advertising placement, we look forward to completing this work methodically with a Version 1.0 publication in 2015.  The video ad creative spec work is the next tangible consumer safeguard that DAA is committed to producing.

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