More Than 10 Million Consumers Exercise Choice through the DAA

September 14, 2016

Earlier this month, the Digital Advertising Alliance’s self-regulatory program passed a significant milestone, as the 10 millionth unique user exercised an opt out on the DAA’s Consumer Choice Page (  While impressive, that number is not exhaustive, as dozens of companies offer parallel opt-outs to users through their own individual mechanisms.

The DAA’s Choice Page makes it easier for users to exercise control over how information about their interests is used for relevant advertising on the Web. This centralized cross-industry resource now includes 129 participating companies, and allows consumers to opt out with one, several, or all these companies.

Happily, the choice that consumers exercise through the DAA is only part of the much larger consumer awareness made possible by the cross-industry self-regulatory program.  Through the program’s ubiquitous AdChoices icon, which has been served trillions of times globally, consumers have gained enhanced transparency into when information about their interests is being collected or used for the ads they see online.  Awareness of the Icon has continued to rise.

Consumers clicking on the Icon literally get fingertip control over their experience -- depending on the participating company, they also can access additional information and tools to set more granular preferences about the categories and types of ads they receive.  In this way, the Icon is a gateway to a variety of information and tools, both from the individual DAA participating company presenting the ads, and from the DAA program. And standing behind the DAA program is a robust program of accountability.

The DAA has been amplifying these efforts with a consumer education campaign (ad sample follows this post) based on a newly-revamped  The DAA’s campaign reminds mobile and desktop users of the control that they can exercise over interest-based ads. The DAA campaign demonstrates the digital advertising industry’s continuing commitment to making information about - and choice for - relevant advertising readily accessible to every user on every type of device.  And we look forward to meeting the needs of tens of millions more users in the future.

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