Monitoring, Reporting, Resolution & Compliance: Keys to Consumer Privacy Assurance

October 1, 2012

A necessary component of a comprehensive self-regulation program regarding interest-based ads – or online behavioral advertising (OBA) – is a method for monitoring, reporting, resolving and enforcing proper disclosures of OBA use through use of the Digital Advertising Alliance’s AdChoices icon. The icon links to a brand’s explanation of its use of interest-based advertising, and how an internet user can enact an informed choice regarding OBA’s use in regard to his or her own browsing behavior.

In the United States, one of two methods for such accountability is through the Council of Better Business Bureaus and its dedicated Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program (the other being a complaint resolution program of the Direct Marketing Association).

Today, Advertising Age reported on one of its most recent compliance actions.

In total, there were five new compliance actions on October 1, bringing the total number to date to 18 since the program's inception.  Through these actions, all companies – including their agencies, media buyers, ad servers and ad networks – have cooperated and come into voluntary compliance. Industry’s support of the DAA Principles is strong and vibrant.  Public, impartial, transparent decision-making and enforcement ensures that the entire industry understands and follows the OBA principles, and accountability in this effort is assured.


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