Global View: Creating Common Platforms and Experiences for Consumer Choice

July 15, 2014

This blog post is another in our continuing series of coverage from #DAASummit2014, held June 26 in San Francisco.

The "Global View" panel of the recent Digital Advertising Alliance Summit 2014 was an opportunity to showcase not only how the DAA has set the standard for self-regulation here in the United States, but how the DAA Principles are rapidly becoming a global standard, now reaching 32 countries and 24 languages across the European Union, European Economic Area and Canada, and likely expanding to other markets soon. Moderated by the Peter Kosmala, former managing director of the DAA and currently vice president, government affairs, with 4A's, the panel featured representatives from the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) and Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC).

Dave Barron and Mathilde Fiquet of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance both recognized the differences between the online advertising environment in Europe and the United States, and how the debate over online privacy is not exactly congruent on either side of the Atlantic. However, adapting a self-regulatory body that collaborates with business, public policy groups, and public officials to maintain a high standard of consumer privacy, transparency, and control has made in-roads in Europe and continues to be a driving force for change. They noted how, just like in the United States, the EDAA was founded by an industry coalition representing advertisers, advertising agencies, direct marketers, ad networks and representatives from the media sector all collaborating to provide a self-regulatory function that protects consumer privacy and provides a more meaningful online experience.

Wally Hill, representing the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada, spoke of how its self-regulatory framework was designed to give consumers a better understanding of, as well as greater control over, the ads that are displayed to them based on their data. Wally reiterated the Canadian marketing and advertising trade associations that comprise the DAAC are committed to delivering a robust and credible program for notice and choice for interest-based ads displayed in Canada, in order to enhance consumer confidence in the online medium. He pointed out the challenges this presents for consumer choice in a multi-lingual nation, and he gave the audience tour of DAAC's website and consumer opt-out page – in English and French.

Global leaders assembled at Digital Advertising Alliance Summit 2014 included (L to R): Julie Ford, vice president, operations, Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada; Wally Hill, senior vice president, government affairs and consumer affairs, Canadian Marketing Association (both Wally and Julie also represent the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada); David Barron, project manager, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance; Mathilde Fiquet, vice chair, European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance; and Lou Mastria, executive director, Digital Advertising Alliance.

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