eConsultancy: Microsoft’s Gambit Threatens ‘Capable’ Internet Advertising

September 27, 2013

Kudos to eConsultancy on its recent blog post; DAA particularly welcomed these two observations of the author – both of which properly frame what Microsoft’s IE10 plans may be really about:

    “In other words, if, as a result of DNT and other initiatives and regulations yet to be implemented, advertisers feel that they're less able to deliver ads to consumers online in a targeted fashion, it stands to reason that online ads lose some of their luster and thus become less valuable. That, in turn, may make it more difficult for publishers to monetize their eyeballs.

    Obviously, advertisers won't abandon digital; but if they pay less for ads that are less-capable, the grand bargain between publishers and consumers -- your attention for content and functionality -- may become more difficult for many publishers to maintain.”

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