Demonstrating Digital Advertising Self-Regulation Success for State Attorneys General… in an Up Close and Personal Way

July 27, 2018

DAA and its Accountability Partners brief key state law enforcers on the DAA Principles -- and a real-time walk-through of WebChoices.

Good self-regulation requires constant vigilance and sweat equity, something that the Digital Advertising Alliance’s two Accountability Partners – the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and the Advertising Self Regulatory Council (ASRC) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) – know well. Their collective hard work helps to keep privacy rules of the road embodied in DAA Principles humming along for interest-based advertising, and soon-to-be digital political advertising. Adherence via our Accountability Partner enforcement efforts provide unique and valued integrity to the DAA self-regulatory program.

That’s why it was so gratifying this past week to have an opportunity to present the case for self-regulation directly to top state and some international law enforcement officials at a Conference of Western State Attorneys General (CWAG) gathering in Albuquerque, NM, in coordination with the CBBB and DMA. We also had the chance to brief the attendees on our new PoliticalAd transparency and accountability program for express advocacy digital political advertising.

Photo:  DAA Executive Director Lou Mastria, CIPP, CIPPS (left) and CBBB Executive Vice President Lee Peeler, who is also president, ASRC (right) await to speak during a session on online advertising regulation and self-regulation, moderated by South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson (center).

With key state attorneys general and their staffs, we took an opportunity to brief them about what the DAA Principles are, how we educate both businesses and consumers about them, and how we enforce our related guidelines. During a live question-and-answer session, we even provided, at the request of an audience member, a live demonstration of our WebChoices tool in action on the large projection screens. In an unscripted moment, we took the audience through the process from a YourAdChoices Icon on the live web to a company’s disclosure about IBA to the WebChoices tool. The system performed flawlessly and drew rave reviews.

The simplicity, effectiveness and breadth of coverage (136 companies) of the WebChoices tool definitely left a positive impact on these important elected officials. DAA focuses on making sure our self-regulatory program is as effective as it can be and that our tools work routinely and reliably. We do this by working with all of the hundreds of companies who participate in the DAA. Whether it is routine testing of opt-out scripts on WebChoices, monitoring of AppChoices URLs, providing resources on how to provide transparency and control, or helping to educate your supply-chain partners, it’s all in a day’s work. And, that day’s work is worth that much more when we can demonstrate the fruits of our collective labors in front of such key stakeholders.

We want to continue to be a proof point of how the digital advertising ecosystem can come together to address privacy control challenges and concerns of consumers (and policymakers) successfully, while preserving advertising innovation and responsible data collection and use. This is how much content on the Internet and inside mobile apps gets financed, and consumers value this.

And now a few dozen state and international law enforcement chiefs have seen our consumer choice efforts… live.

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