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April 2, 2024

Follow The Data: New Survey Shows Strong Consumer Support for Expanded Use of AdChoices Icon

As corporate leaders and policymakers look at emerging advertising technologies and new regulatory proposals, we should all listen closely to the people who will use those tools to get information and express their choices. A new survey conducted by the Digital Advertising Alliance asked Americans a broad range of questions about the AdChoices Icon, and the results offered...

March 5, 2024

Summit Snapshot: Navigating Privacy Challenges in the World of Connected Devices

Robert Hartwell, counsel, Venable LLP moderates a DAA Summit 23 panel centered around connected devices. Immediately following the summit, DAA announced best practices for connected devices in alignment with DAA Principles.

As the digital landscape expands to include an ever-growing number of internet-connected devices – smart appliances, audio...

February 26, 2024

Summit Snapshot: Recent Federal Enforcement Actions: Insights from the FTC’s Erik Jones

Erik Jones, senior attorney at the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, along with Mike Signorelli, a partner at Venable LLP and counsel to Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), had a nuanced one-to-one discussion at this past year’s DAA Summit 23, providing valuable insights into the latest federal and state enforcement actions. The following presents key takeaways from the conversation, with Jones shedding light on the FTC's priorities and their implications for the advertising community.


January 5, 2024

DAA Introduces Streamlined 2024 Process for Ad Industry to Adopt and Implement AdChoices' Next-Gen 'Cookies and Beyond' Tools

Big Idea in Detail: As we enter the New Year, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) has launched a next generation of tools to support companies in delivering consumers transparency and control with respect to advertising.  In the coming months responsible advertising companies that participate can integrate, test, and offer AdChoices’ new “cookies and beyond” suite of tools, to maintain their leadership across new advertising technologies. DAA expects that brands, publishers, and agencies will incorporate these tools and resources into their policies, disclosures, terms and conditions, and requests for proposals.

The past few years have been a whirlwind of accelerating change as new tools and technologies for interest-based advertising have moved from concept to reality, ranging from new addressable identifiers to CMP integration...


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December 8, 2023

A New Initiative to Advance Industry Privacy Protection Principles and Drive Efforts to Pass a Uniform Federal Privacy Law

Big Idea: One of DAA’s founders – American Advertising Federation (AAF) – recently announced it has joined a new privacy initiative launched in October by two other DAA founders – Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and 4A’s.  The Responsible Privacy in Advertising Initiative (RPIA) is designed to evolve and enhance industry data privacy principles for responsible online advertising practices and to reinvigorate congressional efforts to enact preemptive, federal privacy legislation. At DAA, we are excited where this may lead.

More than a dozen states have now enacted new laws related to privacy, creating a confusing and contradictory patchwork of regulations that undercut data-driven advertising and the ad-supported ecosystem of apps, services, and products it funds for consumers.

To rationalize that jumble of state policies, DAA and other major advertising trade organizations in the Privacy for America (P4A) alliance have urged Congress to...


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