DAA Celebrates its First Anniversary

October 25, 2011

October and November mark the one-year anniversary of the launch of the DAA Advertising Option Icon and the DAA Consumer Choice Page (the “Consumer Choice” tool hosted at digitaladvertisingalliance.org). These are two pillars of the compliance framework that the DAA first architected in 2010 following its publication of the seven self-regulatory principles for OBA compliance.

In a relatively brisk year, DAA has brought over 400 companies into this framework, a testament not only to the energy and vision of the six stakeholder trade associations that comprise the DAA but also the continued commitment and collaboration that define the industry leaders participating in the DAA today.

These DAA participant companies now include all 15 of the Top 15 online advertising networks among them Google, Yahoo! and AOL; plus major, global brands such as American Express, Bank of America, Disney, General Motors and Walmart, among others.

And that’s just the industry side. As important is the increasing ubiquity of the DAA Advertising Option Icon itself. More DAA Icons are appearing in more ads before more consumers than ever before through the vast network of DAA participant companies: nearly 1 million consumers have been served the DAA Icon since the program went live. 600 billion monthly Icon impressions were served as recently as August, 2011; and over 10 billion Icon impressions are now served daily. That’s an 85% market footprint that’s getting larger every day.

These results flow from the significant investment – in both time and millions of dollars – from industry.  As we acknowledge our one-year anniversary, we recognize the significant contribution made by our participating companies whose efforts are leading the way for a successful self-regulatory model.


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