DAA Approved Providers, Evidon & TRUSTe, Help Brands Navigate Interest-Based Ads & Self-Regulation as They Bolster Consumer Confidence

October 18, 2013

Hundreds of companies – advertisers, marketers, ad networks, ad agencies and technology providers – participate in the Digital Advertising Alliance and license use of the Advertising Option “AdChoices” icon.

Many of them choose to do so using the DAA’s Approved Provider partners – Evidon and TRUSTe. While not a requirement of the program, many companies elect to work with our Approved Providers because of the efficiency and peace of mind associated with a turnkey solution. These firms act as technical and compliance resources for DAA Participants, they advocate for interest-based advertising, and they serve to educate the digital and mobile advertising ecosystem as our outreach expands in a multi-screen environment. Each explains to clients their assistance with DAA Principles compliance here:

Crownpeak (formerly Evidon): https://www.crownpeak.com/

TrustArc (formerly TRUSTe): https://trustarc.com/

Some DAA participants may choose to use Evidon or TRUSTe as turnkey solution providers that allow them (the participants) to display the icon, insert interstitials (for notice and choice) and record their compliance with DAA Principles. Collectively, these actions serve to bolster consumer trust. Recently, we sat down with both firms to discuss their involvement with DAA – and how that involvement pays dividends to their customers’ bottom line.

DAA:  What services do you provide to clients as an Approved Provider of DAA?

Evidon: Businesses use Evidon InForm to deliver the AdChoices Icon as a way to comply with the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Principles.  Consumers engage with Evidon’s AdChoices notice everywhere their data is being collected and used—on websites and in ads across desktop and all mobile environments—in over 40 languages around the world. Those privacy controls service more than $2 billion of display media and e-commerce transactions annually.  Evidon also has created “Ad Control,” a mobile privacy app with a roadmap tied to the DAA’s Mobile Guidance and provides companies a way to comply with the DAA Principles.

TRUSTe: Through its global privacy data management platform, TRUSTe offers TRUSTed Ads, TRUSTed Mobile Ads, and TRUSTed Ads – EDAA Compliance Package [European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance] to help companies deliver privacy-friendly advertising to target audiences and further understand the importance of privacy within IBA. TRUSTe is a comprehensive compliance provider that aligns with the DAA and helps to protect brand reputation, unlock ad spends and ensure compliance.

Whether for an advertiser running IBA [interest-based advertising], or for a publisher allowing IBA ads or data to be collected for IBA purposes on its website, TRUSTed Ads are designed to protect and increase trust in a brand by providing notice and choice that enables you to comply with the Principles of the DAA Self-Regulatory Program.

DAA: Does your participation with DAA and interest-based ads extend to mobile Web and mobile apps?

Evidon:  Yes, Evidon InForm privacy controls are rolled-out fully across all mobile environments. Available for free in the Apple, Google and Amazon app stores, Evidon Ad Control (announced September 5, 2013, with partner AdTruth) is a first-of-its-kind mobile app that enables consumers to opt out from Cross-App Advertising. Many leading ad networks and agencies are already participating, among them:  Adelphic, Aerify, ActionX, Media6Degrees (via EveryscreenMedia), Jumptap, Tapad, Rocket Fuel, Run DSP and Vivaki.


TRUSTe: Yes, TRUSTe offers a comprehensive Data Privacy Management platform which offers solutions across all screens to help companies comply with the DAA Principles including the Mobile Guidance. Early on, TRUSTe recognized that consumers accessed content, interacted with brands, and are online generally through multiple screens shifting from desktop to mobile devices. TRUSTe worked with partners to solve the privacy challenges of providing enhanced notice and choice within mobile and established itself as a leading privacy management technology solution by launching TRUSTed Mobile Ads, an evolution of our desktop product, in June 2012.


DAA: With the recent announcement of mobile guidance, is interest in the DAA program growing?

Evidon:  Yes, definitely. Every business today understands how critical a marketing channel mobile is, and with that, they understand the need to leverage that channel in a responsible way to maintain customer loyalty. The DAA program provides the framework for those businesses to take that initiative.


TRUSTe: It’s clear that mobile privacy concerns are increasing.  Recent TRUSTe consumer research reveals that consumers are concerned about mobile privacy.  Advertisers and publishers must provide consumers with clear notice and choice while identifying interests, location and behaviors.  

The DAA’s recently published Application of the Self-Regulatory Principles to the Mobile Environment  outlines how the OBA and Multi-site Principles apply to mobile.  Featuring the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Advertising Option Icon on mobile in-ad placements, TRUSTed Mobile Ads gives the advertising ecosystem a first step toward meet emerging mobile regulatory requirements and address increasing consumer concerns regarding transparency and choice.


DAA: How is global participation among your clients changing/growing?

Evidon: It’s certainly growing, especially with the further maturation of EDAA’s equivalent self-regulatory program in Europe. Most of our global brands and other clients are, with our guidance, realizing the benefits of staying on top of and fulfilling the various requirements across different regions.

TRUSTe: Global participation continues to grow as the DAA icon is launched in Europe and Canada. We are involved here as well.  For example, a brand new trust seal for IBA was announced by EDAA in July 2013, enabling TRUSTe as an EDAA-approved provider to both serve the IBA Icon the EDAA Trust Seal.


DAA thanks the engagement and support of these two technology partners – particularly as we move forward with our mobile guidance, related industry education and other initiatives in the year ahead.


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