DAA in AdMonsters: Do Not Track Default Setting in Microsoft IE10 To Violate Protocols

September 14, 2012

As the clock ticks closer toward Microsoft’s planned Version 10 release of Internet Explorer (IE10), and its Do-Not-Track (DNT) default setting which violates the World Wide Web Consortium consensus and standard, the digital community is amplifying its protest.

The Digital Advertising Alliance posted this opinion piece recently on AdMonsters. I share it with you here, “The Risks Behind Microsoft’s Default DNT Setting”:  https://www.admonsters.com/risks-behind-microsofts-default-dnt-setting/

Microsoft purports to protect consumer privacy in IE10, but in truth undermines any chance of relevance in advertising on the ad-supported internet. And in doing so, Microsoft does not and cannot extend any supposed consumer privacy protections since its DNT setting is not enforced, and is not in compliance with the global consensus.  Alternatively, consumers do enjoy choice and privacy by way of reviewing information, opting out or opting down through our site https://YourAdChoices.com – which 10 million consumers have visited to date. Last month, 1 trillion Advertising Choices Icons were served, linking interested individuals to this site.

Microsoft (and any browser for that matter) has a choice – and it has remained steadfast to date:  IE10 will violate internet protocol for DNT, and cause fear and confusion, instead of making the effort to educate consumers and afford them their own preferences. The Digital Advertising Alliance believes education and choice is the correct course.


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