DAA ‘AdChoices’ Consumer Awareness Study

About the Report

To evaluate ongoing consumer awareness and perception around the ‘AdChoices’ icon, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) conducted a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults in February 2021. The results of the survey have significant implications for industry use of the icon and point to broad opportunities to use it for enhanced privacy disclosure across web sites, apps, ads, and other platforms.

Specifically, the survey found broad consumer awareness of AdChoices and discovered significant interest in using the icon as an access point for all information related to data collection and use, not just information about interest-based advertising.

While this survey was conducted among a US audience, it is supported by similar findings in surveys conducted across other markets, such as the EU/EEA and Canada. In the United States, the survey found that an overwhelming majority (82%) of consumers recognize the AdChoices icon. Additionally, most consumers (81%) understand the icon broadly offers them choice and control as it pertains to advertising. The full survey report includes a closer investigation of such recognition and the consumer trust associated with this form of privacy iconography, as it represents DAA Principles adherence. 



You may request a PDF of the full study here (subject to qualification):

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