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New Version of Tools Addresses Non-Cookie Technologies, Offers Improved Consumer Interface and Enhanced Choice Options

WASHINGTON, DC and NEW YORK, NY -- April 4, 2017 -- The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) today jointly unveiled new versions of their easy-to-use consumer choice tools for setting preferences about digital advertising data collection and use. Improvements to the NAI tool and DAA tool include an enhanced user experience, the ability for companies to easily disclose to consumers their use of both cookie-based and non-cookie technologies for digital interest-based advertising (IBA), and controls for users to opt-out of such use. The new version of the tools is the result of an ongoing collaboration between the two industry-leading self-regulatory organizations for digital advertising and a significant step forward in providing consumer notice and choice.

The new version of the tools, launched today in beta by both organizations, was designed and developed by technology experts at NAI and is the result of over two years of work between NAI staff and member companies. The tools offer a significantly improved consumer experience, including a simplified, mobile-responsive interface; a reduced need to modify browser settings for successful opt-outs; and a real-time status check that reports the use of both cookie-based and non-cookie technologies.

“Our new tool show NAI’s continuing...

NEW YORK, NY – October 13, 2016 – The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) today announced that enforcement of its guidance on the Application of the DAA Principles of Transparency and Control to Data Used Across Devices (DAA cross-device guidance) will begin on February 1, 2017. The DAA cross-device guidance will be independently enforced by the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) and the DMA, which provide ongoing independent oversight of the DAA Principles.

“The DAA Principles have kept pace with technological advances and changes in advertising business models, and the DAA cross-device guidance helps companies consistently apply the DAA hallmarks of enhanced consumer transparency and control across our rapidly expanding multi-device, multi-browser world,” said DAA Executive Director Lou Mastria. “This enforcement date sets a common marker for the industry to achieve compliance with the DAA cross-device guidance, so consumers have access to more uniform notice around cross-device practices and know their choices on each browser or device are honored.”

The DAA cross-device guidance explains how the DAA Principles apply to browser- and app-based choices made by a consumer to data collected on that browser or device for use elsewhere. It also confirms that consumer choice applies to data collected elsewhere for use on that browser or device. The guidance helps apply a consistent...

Three-Quarters Say They Would Reduce Online and Mobile Activities a 'Great Deal' If They Had to Pay for Free Ad-Supported Content and Services

NEW YORK, NY - May 11, 2016 - Americans assigned a value of nearly $1,200 per year to the array of free, ad-supported services and content currently available to them on computers and mobile devices, according to a groundbreaking survey conducted by Zogby Analytics. More than 85 percent of respondents said they preferred an ad-supported Internet model instead of paying for online content, and three-quarters said they would reduce their online activities "a great deal" if they had to pay for those services and content.

Commissioned by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), the Zogby Analytics poll of 1,004 adults sought to better understand the aggregate value that Americans perceive in the major types of services and content made available free to consumers because of advertising. Respondents were asked to estimate how much people would have to pay for 17 different types of online services and content, ranging from e-mail to video and weather, if they were offered only on a subscription basis rather than for free with ads. Significantly, respondents assigned a combined value of $99.77 per month to this combined package of free, ad-supported services – or $1,197.24 per year.

"This survey shines a spotlight on the critical role that ad-supported content and services play in the lives of nearly every American, and it underscores the importance of the DAA’s role in providing meaningful, accountable consumer choice for interest-based advertising to help fund...

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